Easypack E II 8052F Microprocessor emulator

Easypack E II 8052F Microprocessor emulator
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Easypack E II 8052F Microprocessor emulator

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    Easypack /E II 8052F is a professional Microprocessor emulator, Easypack E/II 8052F supports 8031/32/51/52/54/58 microcontrollers. It supports various 8051 kernels. Easypack /E II 8052F is high performance overlay memory, real-time hardware breakpoints, real-time trace buffer and  new-generation source code debugger-CodeCruiser. 

    Easypack E II 8052F Microprocessor emulator

    Hardware System feature:


    · Supports standard 8031/32/51/52/54/58 Microprocessor
    · Twin CPU without occupying any user system resource
    · Real-time emulation, with a speed up to 20MHz
    · Supporting hardware diagnose
    · Serial interface transmitting design
    · Dimension: 9.45 inch x 4.92 inch x 1.97 inch ( L x W x H )
    · Net weight: 0.6Kg
    · Power: 5V DC/2000mA; Max. consumption: 10W

    HardWare performance: 

    · Support up to 128KB overlay memory (64K ROM + 64K RAM )
    · 128 Bytes mapping resolution
    · Mapping attributes:
    Overlay / Overlay Read only: The memory of the emulator (Internal)
    Target / Target Read only: The memory of the target board (External)
    Guard (non-access)
    Combination Read/Write
    Combination Read only
    · The processor can retain its entire memory and I/O space.

    Non-intrusive Program Execution Control

    · Single Step and step over in source or assembly levels
    · Cycle Step displays the status of executed bus cycle, address, data, port status and external trace bit status.

    Real-time Hardware Breakpoint 

    · Unlimited execution breakpoints support all program space
    · Two bus breakpoints (EV1、EV2), and one external trigger breakpoint ( EV3 )   

    Real Time Trace Buffer

    · Trace buffer is 32K frames deep and 32 bits wide
    · Include 16 bits address, 8 bits data, 3 bits status, 5 bits external trace points
    · Support trace On / Off function
    · Trace data can be filtered by user specified address range, data, and status
    · Trace points can be set flexibly: Forward, Backward, Center, and Delay.

    Complex Event/Trigger

    · Up to 2 Trigger Levels
    · Each level may be a single event or any logical construction of Ev1, Ev2 and Ev3
    · Event Counter provides a matched count triggering
    · One External Trigger Input (ETI) and One External trigger Output (ETO) for device synchronization 

    Execution Time Measurement 

    Measurable by self-contained timer (maximum time length is 36.4 hours with 1 millisecond timebase)

    Source code debugger-CodeCruiser

    CodeCruiser integrated development environment for C51 or compatible MCU is running on the Operating System of Windows for C51 source-level (assembly or C program) debugging. CodeCruiser features source debugging, breakpoints setting, single step, free run, Macro single step, memory status check, memory edit, register check and edit, single assembly, adding register to variable window, adding memory to variable windows, editing variable, register or memory in variable window, tracing, trigging and filtrating etc.  

       ·   New-generation Integrated Development Environment supporting TCP/IP communication 
       ·   Supporting many document formats editor makes 
       ·   Excellent project management ability 
       ·   Integrated environment debugging
       ·   Supporting breakpoints counting and condition breakpoints 
       ·   Logic analyzer function 
       ·   Strong software simulating function  
       ·   In-circuit edit source code 
       ·   Using interface like as MS Visual Studio
       ·   Supporting batch program, macro command and VB SCRIPT language information
    Source-level debugging  

       ·   Under the Windows Environment
       ·   Support many types of download formats: Intel hex, OMF-51, UBROF, IEEE695
       ·   Tool chains: BSO/Tasking, IAR, Keil/Franklin and 2500AD
       ·   Supporting Part of Variables on Watch windows  
       ·   CPU register can be configured
       ·   One program can be debugged using source, assembly and mixture mode.
       ·   Supporting menu bar hint
       ·   Revise the register content on Memory windows
       ·   Shortcut menu using right key
       ·   Supporting customized macro function 
       ·   Supporting C program on Watch windows

    Package list:

    • Main Box
    • ICE cable
    • RJ-45 Cable
    • DB9, DB25 cable
    • 5V Power
    • CD
    • Manual
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