IP BOX V2 iP high speed programmer IPBOX 2 for iPhone / iPad

IP BOX V2 iP high speed programmer IPBOX 2 for iPhone / iPad
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IP BOX V2 iP high speed programmer IPBOX 2 for iPhone / iPad

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    New IP BOX V2 is the iP High Speed Programmer for iPhone / iPad device, Support Apple NAND Flash, Baseband EEPROM, CHIP Read Write Erase Repair function, help engineer fix the brush and boot errors on hardwares.

    IP BOX V2 / IPBOX 2 iP high speed programmer for iPhone / iPad (All-in-One machine)

    2017 New IP BOX V2 added Single Battery Test Board ( Full Set Standard Version)

    Optional Battery Activation Charge Board, need download new v6.1 software

    Phone Battery Activation Charge Board for IP BOX V2
    [ Optional IP BOX V2 Function and model ]:

    added Function 1: Battery Activation Charge Board

    iP BOX V2 machine case Apple NAND Model,  not Match the iphone / ipad model.  perhpas, parts NAND mode can't supported,  the factory will added in future,

    others Tools,  Model: VP406 / W002 / VP405 / VC199/ W004/ W005 / W012... just case iphone / ipad Model, don't match Apple NAND.

    Don't need Boot Nand Flash, easy to use, also don't need Apple engineering Cables (DCSD USB cable )


    1: APPLE NAND Flash supported list

    64bit:  iphone 5s, 6,6p; ipad mini2/3, ipad5/6 underlying data modification, SN, country, color, wifi...modification

    32bit:  iphone 5, 5c, 4s, 4;  ipad 2/3/4,mini1 underlying data modification, SN, country, color, wifi...modification

    2. Apple EEPROM IC (IMEI CHIP) supported list

    PCIE Mode:  support iphone 5se, 6s, 6sp EEPROM IC reading / writing, underlying data repairing

    64bit Mode: support 5s, 5se, 6, 6p EEPROM IC reading / writing, underlying data repairing

    32bit Mode:  support 5, 5c, 4s, 4, EEPROM IC reading / writing, underlying data repairing

    3: support iphone 5s underlying data change. and when change the NAND Flash on iphone 5S, fingerprints function is also working well.

    iP box V2 / iP BOX2 function-option:

    (1) IP_BOX2:  iPhone / iPad NAND Flash storage upgrade, NAND Flash error repair, NAND Testing,       Backup Extract NAND information, re-write data into new replace NAND, repair NAND Partition Information.

    (2)  NAND_Flash:  Read, Write, Erase, Test  Apple NAND Flash.

    (3)  SPI_Flash:  Read, Write, Erase Apple Baseband EEPROM IC, support almost SPI FLASH IC, fit with: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5s..

    (4) EEPROM: Read, Write, Erase Apple Baseband EEPROM IC, support iPhone 6, iPhone 6Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 5se..

    (5) Firmware Upgrade

    2- NAND Capacity Expansion / NAND Repair function:

    (1) Support iPad mini1/mini2/mini3/mini4/air/air2/2/3/4/5/6, iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6p

    (2) Extract iPhone / iPad information, also support Change the iphoneipad information ( snwifi macbt maclocalmodem... )

    (3) Can Load before NAND BOOT1 information (Partition Information), easy and fast operation.

    (4) Can Load before NAND BOOT2 information (snwifi macbt maclocalmodem Information), easy and fast operation.

    (5) Fast format NAND / re-boot the NAND.

    3 -NAND_Flash Apple NAND: Read, Write, Erase, Check function:

    (1) ID Test: Reading NAND ID, Model, Size ...ect information.

    (2) Read Test: print Internal partial data information

    (3) Read All: Read the full font data, and also saved to the computer

    (4) Erase Block: Erase the Part block data

    (5) Erase ALL: Erase NAND.

    (6) Write Block: Write the Part block data

    (7) Write ALL: Write NAND Boot (Font) information.

    (8) NAND Bus communication parameters

    NAND Protocol mode and NAND bus clock

    (9) Read Test, Erase Block, Write Block

    NAND Page Start Address and NAND Chip Select

    (10)  Read All, Write All, All Erase. CE1CE2CE3CE4

    4- SPI_Flash (EEPROM IC Read, Write, Erase, Reipair Function)

    Can readwritefix base spi flash ic, Helpfull to solve update and restore errors ( ex: Itunes 1,16...39,54 error and more)

    5-  EEPROM (Read, Write, Erase Apple Baseband EEPROM IC)

    IP-BOX V2 machine Package list:

    1pcs: IP-BOX 2
    1pcs: LGA5260 Test socket (fixture)
    1pcs: SPI Flash Test socket  (connection PCB)
    1pcs: EEPROM IC Test socket (connection PCB)
    1pcs: USB Cables

    It is original machine, you can download the latest version software, and update the firmware by software, 

    Latest software updated to V6.10 version


    IP BOX V2 Software Ver 5.2 Update<2016-12-25>

    Old V4.0 IP-BOXV2 software: http://www.gsm369.com/down/upload/20160803/ip_VER4.0A.rar

    Old IP-BOX V2 Software download:

    V3.1 IP-BOXV2 software: 
    V2.8 IP-Box2 software: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5pnTlAfltG3Vl9lb3RUek1HdUU/view
    V1.8 IP-BOX2 software: http://www.gsm369.com/ip_box_v2/iP-Box-V2_Ver1.8.rar

    USB drive file for IP-BOX V2

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