30028 BOSCH M797 Auto ECU Chip ignition coil chip transistors
30490 BOSCH ECU drive chip 30490 car ignition drive chip
30566 BOSCH ECU drive chip 30566 Auto injector drive chip
30578 Bosch ECU board drive chip 30578 injection driver IC
30579 BOSCH ECU board driver IC 30579 Auto injector drive chip
48007 Bosch ECU board drive ic 48007 injector driver IC
48017 Bosch ECU board drive chip 48017 injection driver IC
6A930 BOSCH ME7 ECU board driver IC 6A930 Auto injector drive chip
Mitsubishi ignition tube driver chip X1 IC chip Q46, Q47
R12 MAZDA m6 Mitsubishi ignition tube driver chip R12
Vnq830e Volkswagen SKODA BCM Auto ECU Chip st bridge drive smd 28

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