TSOP socket

Universal TSOP Programming Adapters and IC Sockets

To meet the needs to the QFP to DIP programmer adapter in programmer adapters markets, we offer a wide range of QFP Package Programming Adapter, including: TSOP32 32 pin programming adapters, TSOP56 56 pin chip adapter...

Vipprogrammer.com also supply some specialized TSOP programming adapters, if you have some particular needs about TSOP programmer adapter, you can contact with us.

TSOP adapters sockets package pitch

TSOP48 TSOP56 NOR FLASH Test socket adapter for ProMan
SOP44 to DIP40 test socket TL866CS TL866A SOP44 PSOP44 adapter
TSOP48 IC test socket Converter Adapter for TL866CS TL866A
$15.00  $9.9933% off
Full set SOP44 TSOP56 TSOP48/40/32 Test socket for TL866CS TL866A
$39.99  $35.9910% off
TSOP48 TSOP40 TSOP32 Converter Adapter Socket for TL866CS TL866A
$2.99  $1.9933% off
TSOP56 Socket Adapter 0.5mm 14*18mm TSOP56 IC Test Socket
TSOP48 IC Test Socket 0.5mm 12*20mm TSOP48 Socket Adapter
TSOP44 TSOP50 TSOP54 adapter SDR SDRAM eprom test socket
TSOP66 adapter receptacle TSOP66 programmer adapter pin board
TSOP54 adapter receptacle TSOP54 programmer adapter pin board
Long and short TSOP48 programmer adapter pinboard Tsop48 receptacler
TSOP56 socket receptacle TSOP56 programming adapter pin board
TSOP48 programming adapter pin board TSOP48 receptacle
TSOP66 programming adapter TSOP66 pin Pitch 0.65mm
tsop56 programmer adapter TSOP56 pin Pitch 0.5mm 14*18mm
Tsop54 programmer adapter TSOP 54pin Pitch 0.8mm Width 10.16mm
Tsop48 programmer adapter TSOP 48 pin 12*20mm 14*20mm
TSOP56 to DIP56 56 pin IC socket Adapter TSOP56
8pcs PSOP44 TSOP40 TSOP56 TSOP48 Socket for TL866CS TL866A
TSOP48 to DIP40 Converter Test socket for TL866CS TL866A
TSOP48 SOP44 SOP56 PCB Converter Adapter for TL866CS TL866A
$19.99  $17.9910% off
TL866CS TL866A SOP44 programmer adapter SOP44 to DIP40 Test socket
TSOP48 to DIP48 48 pin programmer adapter TSOP48 Test socket
TSOP40 to DIP40 40 pin programmer adapter TSOP40
TSOP32 to DIP32 32 pin ic socket TSOP32 20mm width

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