Carbon 4D 60 80bit Car key transponder chip ID60
Carbon 4D62 Car key transponder chip 4D 62 for SUBARU
Carbon 4D68 Car key transponder chip 4D 68 for Toyota, LEXUS
Carbon 4D67 Car key transponder chip 4D 67 for Toyota
PCF7947AT Car key transponder chip PCF7947 for Renault

PCF7946 Transponder chip PCF7946 car remote key chip
PCF7942 Transponder chip PCF7942AT BMW car remote key chip
Glass TP22 T22 T23 Transponder chip ID48 car remote key chip
PCF7943 Transponder chip PCF7943AT car remote key chip
PCF7944AT Transponder chip PCF7944 car remote key chip

Carbon Motorcyle 4D 69 transponder chip for Yamaha 4D69 chip
Carbon Motorcyle ID46 transponder Chip for Honda ID 46 chip
Carbon Motorcyle 4D6A transponder Chip for kawasaki 4D6A chip
Glass ID 8E Transponder Chip Honda car key transponder chip
Carbon ID45 Transponder Chip Peugeot car key transponder chip

Toyota 4C electron duplicable transponder chip with battery
PCF7937EA Transponder Chip for GM remote PCF7937 chip
carbon 4d65 transponder Suzuki ID65 transponder chip
carbon 4d62 transponder SUBARU ID62 transponder chip
carbon 4d61 transponder Mitsubishi ID61 transponder chip

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