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The UP-828P Series High Speed Universal Programmer, it enables examiners the ability to acquire the data from a variety of flash memory, including:

  • MoviNAND
  • iNAND
  • eMMC

The UP-828P Programmer offers a growing number of adapters, supporting a growing number mobile device memory chips

BGA eMMC and eMCP chip readers and programmer adapters

Vipprog will Recommend Adapters:

UP828P Programmer: FBGA137P Adapter - Supports variety of feature and burner phones.

UP828P Programmer:  SBGA152P  Adapter- Supports Some POP NAND memory chips  found  on
BlackBerry devices between 9600 and 9900.

UP828P Programmer: VBGA162P   Adapter - Supports Some MOVINAND/iNAND/EMMC
memory found on many smartphones and tablets.

UP828P Programmer: FBGA167P  Adapter - Supports variety of smartphones and featurephones

UP828P Programmer: BGA169P Adapter -Supports Some MOVINAND/iNAND/eMMC memory found
on the newer BlackBerry 9000 series, and many smartphones.

UP828P Programmer: VBGA186P Adapter - Supports eMCP chips in many of today’s smartphones

UP828P Programmer: VBGA221P Adapter - Supports latest eMCP chips -found in many of today’s high end phones.

New UP-828P / UP-818P adapters is the same price with Old UP-828 / UP-818 adapters, If you need the Adapters for UP-828P / UP-818P programmer,  just leave the message to us when place the order.



BGA167 mobile flash memory chip adapter for up818 up828
BGA115 mobile flash memory chip adapter for up818 up828
Specialized BGA71 nand flash memory socket for up818 up828
Specialized BGA93 flash memory adapter for up818 up828
FBGA137 FBGA137P Test socket adapter for up818 up828 up818P UP828P
$279.00 $249.9910% off

Specialized BGA110 BGA110P Test socket adapter for UP818P UP828P
BGA72 mobile memory chip socket for Sedum up818 up828
BGA105P BGA105 Test Socket Adapter For UP818P UP828P
FBGA167 FBGA167P Test socket adapter for up-818P up-828P
$269.00 $249.997% off
Specialized SBGA199 SBGA199P programmer adapter for up818 up828P
$415.00 $399.994% off

Sedum up-828P up-818P SBGA202P mermory ic test socket adapter
Specialized SBGA225 SBGA225P Test socket adapter for UP818P UP828P
JingTian SBGA128P memory ic Socket Adapter for up-828P up818P
$415.00 $389.996% off
JingTian SBGA152P Test socket SBGA152 adapter for up828p up818
$399.00 $369.997% off
VBGA11 mobile flash memory chip adapter for up828 up818

VBGA11P5 mobile flash memory chip adapter for up828 up818
$390.00 $199.9949% off
VBGA40 VBGA40P IC Test socket flash memory adapter for UP818P UP828P
VBGA56P IC Socket Adapter memory chip for up-828P up-818P
$199.00 $159.0020% off
VBGA133 IC socket adapter memory chip for up-818 up-828
VBGA134P ic socket adapter flash memory for up-818P up-828P

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