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The UP-828P Series High Speed Universal Programmer, it enables examiners the ability to acquire the data from a variety of flash memory, including:

  • MoviNAND
  • iNAND
  • eMMC

The UP-828P Programmer offers a growing number of adapters, supporting a growing number mobile device memory chips

BGA eMMC and eMCP chip readers and programmer adapters

Vipprog will Recommend Adapters:

UP828P Programmer: FBGA137P Adapter - Supports variety of feature and burner phones.

UP828P Programmer:  SBGA152P  Adapter- Supports Some POP NAND memory chips  found  on
BlackBerry devices between 9600 and 9900.

UP828P Programmer: VBGA162P   Adapter - Supports Some MOVINAND/iNAND/EMMC
memory found on many smartphones and tablets.

UP828P Programmer: FBGA167P  Adapter - Supports variety of smartphones and featurephones

UP828P Programmer: BGA169P Adapter -Supports Some MOVINAND/iNAND/eMMC memory found
on the newer BlackBerry 9000 series, and many smartphones.

UP828P Programmer: VBGA186P Adapter - Supports eMCP chips in many of today’s smartphones

UP828P Programmer: VBGA221P Adapter - Supports latest eMCP chips -found in many of today’s high end phones.

New UP-828P / UP-818P adapters is the same price with Old UP-828 / UP-818 adapters, If you need the Adapters for UP-828P / UP-818P programmer,  just leave the message to us when place the order.



VBGA318 VBGA318P Test socket mobile flash memory adapter for up-818 up-828
$555.00 $499.9910% off
Specialized VBGA153P NAND eMMC Flash Test socket for up-818P up-828P
$399.00 $369.997% off
UP828 VBGA169E adapter VBGA169P adapter for up-828P
$399.00 $299.9925% off
Specialized VBGA162 VBGA162P VBGA162NP adatper for up-818P UP-828P
$399.00 $299.9925% off
VBGA186 VBGA186P programmer adapter IC socket for up-818 up-828P
$588.00 $339.0042% off

Specialized VBGA64 VBGA64P Test socket adapter for up-818 up-828 UP818P UP828P
Specialized LGA52 LGA52P ic socket adapter for up-818 up-828
$499.00 $399.0020% off
Specialized EBGA24 EBGA24P ic socket adapter for UP818P UP828P
EBGA64 EBGA64P EBGA64AP programmer adapter for up-818 up-828P
$259.00 $165.9936% off
TSSOP8 ic socket programming adapter for up-818 up-828

TSOP48 ic socket programming adapter for up-818 up-828
$89.00 $79.9910% off
Specialized TSOP56 ic socket adapter for up-818 up-828
$99.00 $79.9919% off
UP-828 Adapter FBGA63 flash memory chip programmer adapter
$219.00 $199.009% off
UP-828 Adapter FBGA256 programmer adapter for UP-828P FBGA256P Socket
UP-828 Adapter LGA60 programmer adapter for UP-828

UP-828 VBGA221P programmer adapter VBGA221 Test socket for UP-828
$499.00 $369.0026% off
UP-828P Test socket SOIC8P programmer adapter for UP-828P
$99.00 $79.0020% off
UP-828P programmer adapter SOIC8SP test socket adapter
$99.00 $75.0024% off
UP-828P VBGA529 Programmer adapter UP828 VBGA529 Adapters
$499.00 $449.9910% off
UP828P LGA44P programmer adapter Specialized LGA44 adapter

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